ink and envelope color options

We have curated a wide array of gorgeous colors to offer our clients in the personalization of their custom design. 

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Please keep in mind that letterpress inks are hand mixed and slight variations may occur between flat printed and letterpress printed colors. Also computer screens vary and may not give a completely accurate representation of these ink colors. If you need to see the color in person, please request a flat printed sample of our ink swatches here.

If you do not see the color you are looking for please let us know and we can mix a custom color for you! We will need to know CMYK values or the specific pantone color. Extra cost will apply for custom colors.

Printing Methods

Choose from letterpress, foil stamping or flat printing. Foil stamping can also be combined with letterpress or flat printing for a unique look. Additionally, for some designs, flat printing can be combined with letterpress.


Letterpress is a historic form of printing dating back hundreds of years. With this method, an antique printing press is used to press an inked letterpress plate directly into our soft paper transferring the ink and leaving behind a beautiful deep impression.

Some of the charm of letterpress comes from its characteristic of producing subtle variations from piece to piece. No inking, impression or position is exactly identical. This is part of what makes letterpress pieces so beautiful and unique.

We offer letterpress printing in 1-color, 2-color and 3-color printing. Because individual plates must be made for each color, letterpress printing is priced based on the number of colors used.

Blind letterpress is also a gorgeous option using an un-inked letterpress plate to create an impression on the paper. Blind letterpress is priced the same as 1-color letterpress.


Foil stamping is a stunning way to achieve a shiny pop on the paper. It is similar to letterpress printing in that a metal plate is created and pressed into the paper transferring the design. Instead of using inks, this method uses metallic foil.

Foil stamping is beautiful on it's own or it may also be used in combination with another printing method to add a gorgeous shine to certain areas of a design or lines of text.

We offer foil stamping in gold, silver, rose gold, copper, opaque white and opaque black foil colors. Because individual plates must be made for each color, foil stamping is priced based on the number of colors used.


Our flat printing exceeds the industry standard in digital printing. Utilizing the best modern printing presses, our flat printed items are printed using liquid inks instead of toner. Because of this, the ink soaks beautifully into the paper resulting in a smooth flat finish.

Flat printing is capable of producing unlimited colors in one print and allows for large areas of saturated color. Pricing is the same no matter how many colors are used. Because of this, flat printing is our most budget friendly printing option.

Envelope printing


We offer free return address and rsvp address printing on all of our wedding invitation and rsvp card envelopes. The printing method will match your chosen printing method for your invitations. So if you've chosen letterpress printing for your invitations, then your envelope return address and rsvp address will also be letterpress printed. Please note that some dark envelope colors do not allow for letterpress or flat printing. For dark envelope colors, white ink or foil stamping can be used at an additional cost. 


For a welcomed time saver and beautifully finished look, we can also flat print your recipients' addresses on all of your invitation envelopes. Guest addressing is offered in  colored or white ink. For guest addressing we require that you format your address list in our excel address template. You can download our address template here.



We take great care to be sure we offer high quality papers that are not only top of the line in luxury and feel but are also kind to the environment.

All of our wedding papers are tree free and made from reclaimed 100% cotton. This paper is the top of line in luxurious paper, soft to the touch, and offers amazing print quality whether flat printed, letterpress printed or foil stamped.

Choose from one of our three paper types below.


100% cotton, 118# thick paper with a soft cotton texture. 

USE | flat printing, flat printing + foil stamping, or flat printing + letterpress


100% cotton, 110# thick paper with a soft cotton texture. This paper is the gold standard in letterpress paper.

USE | letterpress or letterpress + foil stamping


The same gorgeous paper as our letterpress premium (Crane's Lettra) but in an extra thick and eye catching 220# weight. Opt for the 220# for a special presentation on items like invitations, rsvp cards and save the dates! (Painted or foil edging is only available on 220# items.)

USE | letterpress or letterpress + foil stamping

Paper color

Choose from white or natural white.


WHITE | an authentic bright white

NATURAL WHITE | a soft warmer white (our favorite!)

We are happy to explore new papers and paper colors at an additional cost. If you wish to use a colored paper or another specialty paper, just ask and we will do our best to find what you are looking for! 

Painted or Foil Edging

This option is available for items printed on the letterpress premium extra thick 220# paper. For painted, edging, a colored ink is used to paint the edges of the paper for a subtle pop of color that can be viewed only when held from the side. Try pairing a bright edge color with a neutral invitation design for a hint of color in an unexpected way.

For foil edging, metallic foil will be used to line the edges of the paper for a hint of shine. Like the painted edging, this can only be viewed when held from the side. Foiled edging gives an invitation suite another layer of intrigue and texture in a very elegant presentation. 


Paper & Palm has a large collection of fonts. Most of our fonts are shown in our designs online. For your custom order we will use our expertise in typography to take care in selecting the perfect font for your desired look. Of course if you have a specific font or type style in mind please let us know. 


If you'd like us to create something uniquely you, please check out our custom design page for all the details on how we can work together to create the wedding suite you've been dreaming about!